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Healthy Eczema Safe Food Alternatives Your Kids Will Love!
Looking to swap out the junk food but don't know what to fill it with? Here are top swaps for kid favorites that are healthy and eczema safe!
Get To Know Jocelyn...

Hello! Thanks for being here!

I'm Jocelyn, the woman behind The Eczema Free Journey! I started this journey in search of healing my own families eczema. I've suffered from eczema my entire life and now my two kiddos under 4 years old have eczema too (that's where I draw the line!).

The Eczema Free Journey is about finding out how to heal from the inside out by changing the foods we're eating and cleaning up things we come in contact with in our environment.

We're constantly growing and learning from professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and much more! We also LOVE talking with people who have healed themselves as well as holistic health coaches to help us along this journey. 

We've tried the steroids and they don't work for the long run! We are on a mission to heal the root problem and we're doing so by believing, learning and taking massive action DAILY!!! We can do this!

Free Video Guide + BONUS
Kid Friendly & Eczema Safe Food Alternatives
Let's swap out the foods we know hurt our children's eczema with healthier options that they will LOVE and won't irritate their eczema!

Featured On The Podcast Include...

Doctors, dietitians, authors, recipe creators, self healers, nutritionists, therapists, health coaches and so many more!!! Here are a small few who have left great impacts...

Tara has been healing her eczema naturally following Medical Mediums protocol. Once told to practically live in a bubble, Tara is now empowered and in control of her healing. Listen to episode #46 & #90 to hear more on her story!
Tara Tom
Tara Tom
Toni is an author, blogger and podcast host who is dedicated to sharing how we can go plant based without breaking the bank! Learn more on episode #95!

"Jocelyn has a warm and engaging personality. Great host!"
Toni Okamoto
Plant Based On A Budget
Board-certified holistic health practitioner, speech pathologist, and yoga therapist, Dr. Kimberly Spair has joined us on the podcast to share how we can take control of our health again and feel empowered! Listen to episode #85!
Kimberly Spair
Reclaimers Of Health

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